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Therapy Pricing

New and Current Patients

Services and Pricing

Schedule a complementary 15 minute Consultation.

Intital Consultation

  • 1-Hour Initial consultation
  • Expert clinician assessment
  • Tailored therapeutic approach
  • In-depth goal exploration
  • Personalized therapy plan
New Patient

Therapy Session

  • 45 Minutes per session
  • One-on-one expert sessions
  • Evidence-based techniques
  • Enhanced secure virtual sessions
  • Adaptive, evolving care
Current Patient

Initial Consultation

Embarking on your therapeutic journey begins with our initial consultation. This session is an opportunity for us to delve into your aspirations and challenges. Together, we’ll explore the areas you wish to address and the ways Atlantic Mental Health can be your guiding light. This consultation also ensures that our approach resonates with you, offering a space for those uncertain about therapy or seeking a fresh perspective.

Tailored Sessions

Whether you’re seeking individual, couples, or group therapy, our sessions are meticulously crafted to align with your unique journey. While we typically meet on a weekly basis, the frequency can be adjusted to best suit your needs, be it bi-weekly or twice a month. Every session is centered around your goals, addressing any obstacles and harnessing your innate strengths.

At Atlantic Mental Health, we’re here to walk alongside you, offering guidance, understanding, and tools to help you navigate life complexities. Take the first step…

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