Dr. Wendy Cook
Dr. Wendy Cook | Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Wendy Cook

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica, Dr. Wendy Cook brings a unique blend of warmth, compassion, and expertise to her therapeutic sessions. Her cultural background not only enriches her approach but also allows her to connect deeply with her clients, understanding the nuances of their stories. Dr. Cook is a bilingual Clinical Psychologist, proficient in both English and Spanish, ensuring a seamless therapeutic experience for a diverse clientele. With over a decade in the field, she holds licenses in the U.S. and Costa Rica, a testament to her dedication and expansive reach. Her invaluable training at the prestigious Yale University has equipped her with profound insights, especially in trauma therapy, an area she's deeply committed to. Patients often describe their sessions with Dr. Cook as transformative, a space where they feel genuinely heard, understood, and even share a light-hearted moment or two. At the heart of her practice is an unwavering belief in the power of healing. Recognizing that every individual's journey is unique, filled with challenges and dreams, Dr. Cook is here to guide, support, and empower. If you're seeking a therapeutic experience that resonates with authenticity and expertise, Dr. Wendy Cook is ready to walk alongside you on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

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